Double Glazing

Airplane and other traffic noise can be burdensome and affect your life in a variety of factors. Penrose Glass uses an inert gas in the fabrication process of our Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s) to improve the performance of our double glazed glass. Added to this as with most of our products the glass can be tinted to reduce light intensity.


  • Insulate Windows to reduce heating costs
  • Reduce Noise
  • Glass is made using a Lisec Machine, producing the highest quality products

Noise Reduction

Double glazing is a suitable option for those that wish to open up their houses with either large window panelling or glass doors, but who risk opening themselves up to the noise of the congested outside world.

Normal 3mm glass lets in the majority of noise pollution, but the IGU’s made at Penrose Glass reduce noise by up 65%. In selecting the right IGU for your needs it is advised that any relevant information regarding the main purpose of your IGU’s should be discussed at the time of placing your order, for example: those directly affected by aircraft noise will need increased airspace between the panels to more effectively insulate against the noise.

The noise mitigating capabilities of double glazed glass enable you to enjoy the benefits of natural light whilst keeping the noise of the outside world to a minimum.

Heat Insulation/Reflection

Another advantage of double glazing is its greater resistance to heat transfer and heat loss. The use of inert gas and the double panelling give an effective barrier. This can save on heating bills, keep you warm in winter and reduce carbon emissions which place money back in your pocket.

IGU’s can be treated in various ways to reduce the amount of heat lost and also the level of light and heat which finds its way in over the course of the day. Those with windows with direct sunlight will benefit the most from the effects of tinted or reflective IGU’s with the level of light reduced by up to 78%.

Penrose Glass uses the most up-to-date techniques and methods when manufacturing IGU’s to specification. In order to maintain this level of expertise, Penrose Glass is a member of the Insulated Glass Manufacturers Association and the Australian Glass Glazing Associations enabling us to constantly updating our techniques to meet Australian and International glass fabrication standards.