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Screen Line Systems – New South Wales

Screenline® is a system of blinds, which are assembled and permanently sealed within the double glazing cavity. Once sealed in this totally dust free environment, the blinds always appear new and require no cleaning - unlike external blind systems.

This is an important feature to be considered at the design stage where formal specification, order and elegance are required.


Solar Energy is made up of visible light (53.5%), infa-red (45%) and a small amount of UV radiation.

The amount of visible light that passes through a double glazed unit containing Screenline integral venetian blinds can be varied from 82% to 0.7%. This ability of the Screenline® system allows it a universal application to many varied activities:

  • High light transmission for group activities (indoor games)
  • Medium light transmission for activities requiring a degree of attention (offices, schools etc.)
  • Low light transmission (such as meeting rooms, multimedia areas or operating theatres)


  • Insulate Windows to reduce heating costs
  • Reduce Noise
  • Blinds Stay Cleaned
  • Perfect for large office blocks

Solar energy composition

Screenline® also controls the amount of infra-red energy passing through the window and consequently reduces the internal heating effect, thus avoiding or reducing the cost of expensive air-conditioning. By offering some control over the quantity of UV radiation, Screenline® can reduce the chromatic deterioration which occur to furnishings and fabrics. The drawings demonstrate the positive influence of screenline ® systems - the slat orientation and colour determines the energy that passes through. The ratio of the amount of Solar Radiation falling onto the unit compared to the amount of energy passing through into the building is known as the Solar Factor.

Hunter Douglas B.V, the world leader in venetian slat technology, have specifically developed the new paint treatment Clarion™ for Screenline® which guarantees its performance even at elevated temperatures. This prevents paint pigment contamination of the internal glass surfaces (fogging).


Screenline® has developed a radical new magnetic concept as the basis of their operating system. A pair of rotational magnets - one inside the glass cavity, the other outside - directly control the movement of the integral blind.

By using this system of magnetic force the unti's seal(s) is not compromised, and its integrity is fully maintained. The heat-resistant permanent magnets, are manufactured from quality materials, expressly for this application, and have a lifetime in excess of 100 years. Yet another guarantee of Screenline® perfection.

Screenline has two motorized Systems:

External Motor

These raise/lower and tilt/ turn systems can be operated electronically by an external motor. The manual system is operated by a continuous loop cord. The electric motor is operated by a 24-volt ac system, which being external can be easily serviced. The electronics and motor are contained within a specially designed housing unit, which can be quickly detached for inspection.

Electronic control possibilities are:

  • Individual switch (frame mounted or glass mounted)
  • Infra-red remote control
  • Group control (up to 16 blinds simultaneously)
  • Centerised control
  • Automatic lighting control (slat variation can be adjusted to the required lighting level)

Internal Motor

Here the blind operation (raise/lower and tilt / turn) is controlled by an electric motor contained within the Head-rail. The system operates independently of the inner glass thickness - unlike the magnetic systems.

Each integral blind has its own control unit, which can be operated manually by switch or remotely by radio control.

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