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Products – New South Wales

PENROSE GLASS offers a wide range of glass products and services available to the greater Sydney area and in special circumstances, beyond the greater metropolitan area. All of our products are completely customisable and can be altered to suit your needs when you buy our glass products. Here is a sample of our products, for further information on our glass products, click on the links.

Slumped Glass

Our slumped glass can be made to any pattern you can imagine. With a vast range of colours effects as well as options regarding semiprecious stones and other additions that can give a high degree of personalisation to your premium glass products.

We are outfitted to handle large single panels with one of the largest glass manufacturing lines in Australia situated in Central Sydney. With a careful attention to detail given to the designs and intricate motifs made by our team or with consultation to suit your needs you can be assured that your slumped glass products are of the highest qualities.

Screenline System

PENROSE GLASS, offers the Screenline System, which seals movable blinds between two pieces of glazed glass in a dust free environment to homes, offices and other places of business where windows are either hard to get to or if there is a need to minimise on cleaning for the sake of efficiency in buildings such as hospitals.

Cut to Size

As previously mentioned all the glass products made in-house at PENROSE GLASS can be made to almost any specification you can imagine. Since moving into our new, modern and spacious facility that can house our large float glass and Bottero cutting table, our capacity to fulfil any order with absolute precision has been enhanced. Thus, ensuring the best results when you buy glass products from our skilled and dedicated team.

Our glass can be treated with a wide array of colours and effects and can be treated to allow less light and heat into a room keeping the temperature constant. Added to this, our glass can be cut to any dimension. This allows for large window panels that do not need to be cut to smaller and more manageable pieces, which can ruin the view that large series of windows aim to create.

We service the whole of the Sydney Metropolitan area and upon request can make the trip outside of this area if an onsite quote is required.


There are many advantages to be found when selecting glass splashbacks over tiled or lacquered wood. The most obvious and frequent is the resistance to chipping in the grout and the problems found when wood that is constantly wet begins to swell and can become blemished and leads to odours in your kitchen or bathroom.

Much like our slumped glass products, our splashbacks can be treated in a variety of ways to alter the colour, texture and pattens in the glass to create something that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also resistant to breakage and scratching.

Double Glazed Windows

To deal with the congested noise of the streets and the racket caused by flight paths in the Inner West of Sydney, PENROSE GLASS offers our advanced Double Glazed Glass to combat this problem which often disrupts your day-to-day living arrangements. Double Glazing is also a means to insulate your home against the heat of summer and with the addition of window tinting, your home can reduce the amount of glare and heat normal windows let through by up to 70%.


We can manufacture mirrors to any shape or size you can imagine. With our Bottero Glass cutting technology we are able to create a series of shapes and styles that are available upon request at the time of your quote.

The design factors of mirrors manufactured in our new facility are well known and can open up a previously confined area with the illusion of space and the use of natural light.


Leadlight glass and Stained glass windows are among the most popular products purchased from PENROSE GLASS. From colonial doors to highly detailed stained glass windows, we can make in any imaginable hue or tint glass that when assembled correctly can add a certain ambiance with the way leadlight glass can catch and manipulate light.

We also handle leadlight repair and are able to correct either poorly constructed pieces or rejuvenate older panels that require special repair and attention due to their frailty and the fact that their age makes them virtually irreplaceable.

Sash Balances

Sash Balances are an integral part of vertically sliding windows in terms of guaranteeing a perfectly counter-balanced window allowing for a frictionless slide.

Older windows have a tendency to become worn over time or lose their counterbalance. PENROSE GLASS uses the latest sash balancer technology and are able to retrofit and install new units within the framework of older windows.

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