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Leadlights – New South Wales

The fusion of art and functionality

Leadlight (stained glass) is another of Penrose Glass’ high quality products that can help to personalise your home. Traditionally used in churches and homes the intricate and artistic value of leadlight has seen its use spread to the office and even as art installations.

In terms of options, leadlight is virtually limitless. No other process offers the potential for any possible deign to be made. The fusion of art and functionality make leadlight an attractive option when looking for an eye drawing focus to any section of a home or office.

Penrose Glass offers a large range of patterns, tints and designs to cater to the needs of interior designers and DIY renovators alike. From small panels to full length colonial doors, no job is too big or too small.

From a design or architectural standpoint, leadlight can become the focal point of the room with its ability to catch and manipulate light creating the atmosphere of entire room.

Leadlight constructed at Penrose Glass is of the finest quality and devoid of the usual problems associated with poorly made leadlight, such as rattling, rough joins, ill fitting panels, poor puttying and weatherproofing.

Penrose Glass also specialise in replicating and repairing stained glass and leadlight.


  • Over 200 Patterns and Colours
  • Custom Made by Leadlight Specialists

Let us bring your glass visions to life